[SciPy-user] integrate.odeint problem

Peter Cimermančič peter.cimermancic@gmail....
Mon Feb 16 06:16:04 CST 2009


Using 60 differential equations, I am trying to simulate some biological
process. After running the script, I've got next message:

lsoda-- at current t (=r1), mxstep (=i1) steps
       taken on this call before reaching tout
       In above message, I1 =                  500
       In above message, R1 = 0.857...E+01
Excess work done on this call (Perhaps wrong Dfun type).
Run with full_output = 1 to get quantitative information.

After running with full_output = 1, additional information was: KeyError: 0.

The same equations and parameters were run in Jarnac (simulation software)
and I've got correct results, assuming equations and parameters are right.
What else could go wrong to produce above error message?

Thank you in advance,

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