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|  Hi everybody,
|  I'm running Python 2.5.2 with EPD with Py2.5 4.0.30002
|  I need to plot three simpe things, in 3d, domain is x, y in [0,3] x
|  [0,3:
|  1. the graph of the function f(x,y) = x**(0.3) * y**(0.7)
|  2. the parametric straight line (x, 2 - 2*x, 0)  for x in [0,1]
|  3. the parametric curve (x, 2 - 2*x, f(x, 2 - 2*x))
|  - I thought of matplotlib, mlab (from mayavi2), SymPy and PyX.
|  - Apparently matplotlib cannot do 3d plots. Is this correct? My
|    version of matplotlib is 0.98.
|  - I could not plot 2 (the parametric line) with mlab. I am not sure
|    I understood the syntax of mlab.plot3d, and the examples
|    everywhere are too complicated for me to understand how it works.
|    I tried "mlab.plot3d([0, 1], [2, 0], [0, 0])" and it gave me a
|    short line, very small, that was in the interior of the positive
|    quadrant of the xy plane. Imagine the line I wanted and shrink it
|    80% to its midpoint, that's what I got.
|  - I tried SymPy. I could plot everything easily. However, I could
|    not change thickness and color of curves. Didn't find anything in
|    the documentation. Any ideas? By the way, setting colors of
|    objects in both SymPy and Mlab seems to complicated for simple
|    use. How do I make the object red, for example?
|  - PyX apparently has no 3d plotting capabilities. Is this correct?
|  I could not find an example of a simple plot of a function f : R^2
|  -> R in any python tool, with explanations of how to change
|  thickness, color, style and labels of plots. Ideally, labels should
|  be rendered with TeX. There were all sorts of complicated examples,
|  but nothing simple like what I needed. And no example simple enough
|  that I could really understand what was going on for all the
|  commands I needed. I will gladly write a short tutorial about it if
|  there is a way to do this and I find out the solution.
|  Now I will try GnuPlot, and if that does not work, Maple. But I'd
|  like to do it with Python. Any help is appreciated.

I use matplotlib-0.91.4, and I can do nice 3D wireframe plots using
the code below.  However, I don't think that works in newer versions,
so I have stopped upgrading.  The matplotlib docs tell how to change
colors, etc.



import pylab
from numpy import outer,arange,cos,sin,ones,zeros,array
from matplotlib import axes3d

def matrixplot3d(mat,title=None):
   fig = pylab.figure()
   ax = axes3d.Axes3D(fig)

   # Construct matrices for r and c values
   rn,cn = mat.shape
   c = outer(ones(rn),arange(cn*1.0))
   r = outer(arange(rn*1.0),ones(cn))



   if title: windowtitle(title)


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