[SciPy-user] LiberMate was Re: Automating Matlab

Eric Schug schugschug@gmail....
Sat Feb 21 10:38:50 CST 2009

Eric Schug wrote:
> Is there strong interest in automating matlab to numpy conversion?
> I have a working version of a matlab to python translator.
> It allows translation of matlab scripts into numpy constructs, 
> supporting most of the matlab language.  The parser is nearly 
> complete.  Most of the remaining work involves providing a robust 
> translation. Such as
>    * making sure that copies on assign are done when needed.
>    * correct indexing a(:) becomes a.flatten(1) when on the left hand 
> side (lhs) of equals
>       and a[:] when on the right hand side
> I've seen a few projects attempt to do this, but for one reason or 
> another have stopped it.
For those interested, my new project has been uploaded sourceforge at,

Latest version now supports simple command expressions (e.g hold on)

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