[SciPy-user] LiberMate was Re: Automating Matlab

Dmitrey dmitrey15@ukr....
Sun Feb 22 10:19:30 CST 2009

hi Eric,
I'm trying to use your soft on a file from matlab fileexchage area (BTW 
you could place a link to your soft there), so it prints

The following appear to be variables:
   status, A, b, lb, val, f, M, bound, options, Aeq, val0, x, x0, beq, e, ub
The following appear to be functions:
   rec, inf, IP1, linprog, optimset

So I would say "inf" is certainly not a function, it's equivalent to 
numpy.inf (I guess you know).
BTW I think it would be a good idea to mention your software in
as well as in Octave, SAGE mail lists.
Regards, D.

Eric Schug wrote:
> For those interested, my new project has been uploaded sourceforge at,
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/libermate/
> Latest version now supports simple command expressions (e.g hold on)
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