[SciPy-user] FEM sol interpolation

Young, Karl karl.young@ucsf....
Wed Feb 25 12:11:02 CST 2009

>> 2009/2/23 Bernardo M. Rocha <bernardo.rocha@meduni-graz.at>:
>> I would like to know how can I interpolate some data (a FEM solution)
>> from a coarse grid to a finer grid....
>> I would like to do something like (available in FEMLAB/COMSOL):
>> u_int = postinterp(fem_sol, 'u', p_ref);
>> Where fem_sol is my solution at some coarse grid and p_ref is my
>> reference mesh (where I also have a fem_ref solution defined).

> This sounds like the perfect application for a GPU!  (I'm not a domain
> expert, just thinking out loud)

Speaking of which... don't know who's seen this (and have no idea what the quality of these is)
but it might be of interest to folks interested in GPU computing:


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