[SciPy-user] how to use SciPy.​optimize.​cobyla?

zhang chi zhangchipr@gmail....
Sun Jan 4 21:01:52 CST 2009

    I have a function Fm(x1,x2) that can't be expressed in math mode, but
can be written using program.  And x1 $\in$ [1,100]; x2 $\in$ [ 0.2,0.8].
So  could I use Cobyla like the following:

 def Fm(x1,x2):
       return value

x0 = [50,0.5]
cons = [1:100;0.2:0.8]
min = fmin_coblya(Fm, x0, cons, args=(), consargs=None, rhobeg=1.0,
rhoend=1e-4,iprint=1, maxfun=1000)

thank you very much.
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