[SciPy-user] multidimensional wavelet packages

Young, Karl karl.young@ucsf....
Wed Jan 7 14:17:26 CST 2009

I was just curious re. whether anyone on the list is aware of any multidimensional wavelet packages (either in python or with a python interface) - 3D and 4D is mainly what I'm looking for. I've searched a little and know there has been discussion and some development of wavelet packages for SciPy but I haven't kept up with that and it didn't look like their was anything multidimensional currently available or in the works. I don't need anything terribly fancy (e.g. just Haar wavelets would suffice) and can probably hack something but thought I'd check, both for selfish reasons (lazy !) and because if I'm going to do any work, contributing to a community effort should any already exist, is certainly preferable.    

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