[SciPy-user] matrix inversion time (Python vs MATLAB)

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Sat Jan 10 17:08:15 CST 2009

> So I think that, if you want to link against mkl, then the best would
> be to make a local copy of the dlls. This seems to be the common
> policy,  for example, I have more than 10 programs (mostly open
> source, including numpy/scipy) that all have their own lapack in the
> local directories.

Contrary to usual programs, Python is scattered in several folders,
and in the absolute, the dll should be put in the main Python folder
to be seen by Python at runtime. But then what would you do if other
modules provide their own MKL dlls?
The only solution is to load on the fly the dlls, a kind of plugin
system. This means that someone has to propose a patch to support
this, without slowdowns compared to the current position (which is
very good thanks to David efforts to provide fully functional
Numpy/Scipy installers, even if he does not have much time, PhD
power). The situation is not optimal, but it is not bad, it is very
good. If someone wants to do better, he can always propose something

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