[SciPy-user] predicting values based on (linear) models

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen@gmx-topmail...
Wed Jan 14 18:37:01 CST 2009

Hello Josef,
thank for your extensive answer.
I really appreciate it and will see how I could use it.

> olsexample.py is in attachment is from the cookbook and I'm slowly reworking it.
> fancier models will be in scipy.stats.models when they are ready for inclusion.
Do you have the scipy.stats.models in a SVN repository somewhere?

> I'm using rpy (version 1) to check scipy.stats function, and for sure
> the available methods are very extensive in R, while coverage of
> statistics and econometrics in python packages including scipy is
> spotty, some good spots and many missing pieces.
As you are checking against R with rpy, do you think that the R 
functions are more accurate?
Do you see benefit from re-programming the stats functions in scipy?

Thanks and regards,

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