[SciPy-user] [ Python(x,y) ] New release : 2.1.10

Pierre Raybaut contact@pythonxy....
Mon Jan 19 15:06:56 CST 2009

Hi all,

Release 2.1.10 is now available on http://www.pythonxy.com:
   - All-in-One Installer ("Full Edition"),
   - Plugin Installer -- to be downloaded with xyweb,
   - Update

Changes history
Version 2.1.10 (01-17-2009)

     * Updated:
           o Python 2.5.4
           o Pydev 1.4.2
           o SciTE 1.77.1 - Code completion is now available (see 
http://www.pythonxy.com/_tools/img.php?img=/_images/SciTE.png) thanks to 
the added file 'python.api' which was built using Python(x,y) with 
recommended installation settings (you may update this file to take into 
account your own installation settings thanks to a start menu shortcut)
           o WinMerge 2.10.4
           o xy 1.0.19
           o PyQt4 (minor update: pyuic4.bat)
           o pydicom 0.9.2
           o Default Python path is now C:\Python25 -- if you want to 
change Python path, you must of course reinstall Python(x,y)
     * Corrected:
           o Issue 60: xyhome does not start on XP/Vista 64 bits
           o Issue 61: scipy.weave does not work well with Python 
default installation folder
           o Issue 62: after closing xyhome, pythonw.exe process is 
still alive
           o Issue 64: error message 'Array variable subscript badly 
formatted' at the end of Python(x,y) installation
           o Issue 68: PyQt4: pyuic4.bat is not modified according to 
Python install location

Pierre Raybaut

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