[SciPy-user] integrate.odeint and event handling

Warren Weckesser warren.weckesser@enthought....
Wed Jan 21 12:18:07 CST 2009

Christopher W. MacMinn wrote:
> Hello -
> I was wondering if integrate.odeint offers any event handling  
> capabilities.
> Thanks!
> Best, Chris
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Hi Chris,

As Rob Clewley pointed out, odeint does not provide event detection.  I
don't think SciPy's ode class does, either.  Rob's PyDSTool is one
alternative (and it provides a lot of other nice tools to go along with
the ODE solver); another is PySUNDIALS, as mentioned in the thread to
which Rob provided a link.

odeint is a wrapper for the LSODA solver in the Fortran ODEPACK
library.  This library also includes LSODAR, which is LSODA with
root-finding (aka event detection).  Does anyone want to take a stab at
wrapping LSODAR?  The wrapping of LSODA with odeint provides a good
starting point, and an ODE solver with root-finding would be a great
addition to SciPy.


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