[SciPy-user] PyFFTW

Jochen cycomanic@gmail....
Sat Jan 24 23:47:32 CST 2009

Hi guys,

I have written a python bindings for the fftw3 C-library, because I
needed the extra speed for some of my simulations and I could not find
any which lets me access the planning. I thought some other people might
find it useful, you can find the code at http://pyfftw.berlios.de. For
me it's almost twice as fast as scipy or numpy fftpack (version 0.6 and
1.1.1) using estimated plans. 
PyFFTW is written in ctypes as this seemed the easiest way to do it.
However this is the first time I have written anything in ctypes, it's
also the first time I've released some source code (I am not a
programmer). The code definitely needs some testing, especially with
respect to higher dimensional ffts, because I don't use ffts with a
dimension higher than 2, same goes for real2real transforms. I'm happy
about any comments/criticism.


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