[SciPy-user] Plotting simple 3d objects with mayavi

Daniele Nicolodi daniele@grinta....
Mon Jan 26 05:54:09 CST 2009

Hello, I wrote some code that simulates gas particles into some small 
volumes where a test mass is floating, in order to compute gas damping 

To illustrate the geometries and to check my surfaces description in the 
more complex setups I would like to be able to draw the objects. I think 
  mayavi can be the tool of choice here.

However I'm unable to find an easy way to plot orthogonal surfaces. My 
geometry is described in terms of orthogonal surfaces. What i would like 
is then a way to draw surfaces given their vertex or a similar description.

Can someone please point my to the simpliest way of acomplishing this?

Thanks. Cheers.

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