[SciPy-user] FFTW python bindings again

Jochen cycomanic@gmail....
Mon Jan 26 17:45:25 CST 2009

Hi all, 
about starting a new thread, stupid gmail does not show my posts to the
list. Anyways I noticed a big mistake in how I was allocating the
aligned memory thus it was actually not guaranteed to be 16byte aligned.
I guess it didn't show up because I was mainly testing using complex
numbers and malloc just took the next free block, which happened to be
aligned because I had just allocated a large chunk of aligned data.
Anyways I have created a new version where the issue is fixed. It can
again be found at http://pyfftw.berlios.de. 


P.S.: I haven't received any comments on this, is this not of interest
to the scipy community? 

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