[SciPy-user] Computational Economics with SciPy

Peter Skomoroch peter.skomoroch@gmail....
Wed Jan 28 14:39:28 CST 2009

Just stumbled across a new book by John Stachurski using scipy which will
ship later this month

Economic Dynamics: Theory and Computation
John Stachurski
MIT Press, 2009

There are some nice tutorials using scipy here as well:


*Economic Dynamics: Theory and Computation* is a graduate level introduction
> to deterministic and stochastic dynamics, dynamic programming and
> computational methods with economic applications.
> Topics
>    - Programming techniques
>    - Basic analysis (real analysis, metric spaces, fixed points)
>    - Deterministic dynamic systems
>    - Finite state Markov chains
>    - Finite state dynamic programming
>    - Continuous state stochastic dynamics
>    - Continuous state dynamic programming

Peter N. Skomoroch
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