[SciPy-user] Bootstrap?

Joshua Stults joshua.stults@gmail....
Tue Jul 7 05:28:45 CDT 2009


I was wondering if scipy had something similar to Octave/Matlab's
empricial_rnd().  Here's the blurb from Octave's help describing the

 -- Function File:  empirical_rnd (N, DATA)
 -- Function File:  empirical_rnd (DATA, R, C)
 -- Function File:  empirical_rnd (DATA, SZ)
     Generate a bootstrap sample of size N from the empirical
     distribution obtained from the univariate sample DATA.

     If R and C are given create a matrix with R rows and C columns. Or
     if SZ is a vector, create a matrix of size SZ.

So basically you pass it an array of data, and it returns bootstrap
samples (resampling from the array with replacement).

I did a quick search on 'scipy bootstrap', 'scipy distributions' and
'scipy empirical_rnd', but didn't turn up anything promising.  Any
help / pointers greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Joshua Stults
Website: http://j-stults.blogspot.com

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