[SciPy-user] FFT-based convolution and correlation

- 3ukip0s02@sneakemail....
Wed Jul 8 10:36:47 CDT 2009

Is there a FFT-based 2D correlation function built into scipy?  There are
functions like:

scipy.signal.correlate2d - "the direct method implemented by convolveND will be
slow for large data"

scipy.ndimage.correlate - "The array is correlated with the given kernel using
exact calculation (i.e. not FFT)."

scipy.fftpack.convolve.convolve, which I don't really understand

Numarray had a correlate2d() function, with a 'fft=True' switch
(http://structure.usc.edu/numarray/node61.html), but I guess numarray was folded
into numpy, and I can't find if this function was included.

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