[SciPy-user] plot vertical lines

Angus McMorland amcmorl@gmail....
Mon Jul 13 09:49:00 CDT 2009

2009/7/13 Afi Welbeck <welby555@yahoo.com>:
> Hi,
> Thanks it worked.
> But I observed that for the values I gave you,
> you altered them a bit before it plotted it just
> they way I expected. Is there some formula
> for this sort of plot?

I take your question as asking what the convention is for the
co-ordinate listing in the plot command (?). As I tried to indicate
with the variable names, the x-values and y-values are listed
separately, and multiple lines can be listed sequentially, as in
line0_x, line0_y, line1_x, line1_y... so the first variable is the x
values of the first line, the second is the corresponding y values of
the first line and then the same for the second line. If you're using
ipython (highly recommended), then you could find this sort of
information by typing:

In [1]: ax.plot?


In [1]: plt.plot?

which will bring up the docstring for the associated function.

AJC McMorland
Post-doctoral research fellow
Neurobiology, University of Pittsburgh

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