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Fri Jul 17 09:52:58 CDT 2009

Registration for today's Scientific Computing with Python webinar will  
be open until the webinar begins at 1:00pm CDT (6pm UTC). Join us!

July 17th: Step-by-step Chaco

On Friday, July 17th, we'll be taking a look at Chaco, an component of  
our open-source Enthought Tool Suite.

It seems that this powerful tool impressed participants at last  
month's webinar, as numerous attendees responded with "Cool!! But how  
can I do that?" So Peter Wang, Enthought's Director of Technical  
Architecture, has offered to pick up where he left off last month and  
give a step-by step introduction to Chaco. This will include a closer  
examination of the code and more in-depth guidance on how use it for  
visualizing your data with 2D plotting.

This event will take place on Friday, July 17th at 1:00pm CDT (6pm  
UTC) and will last 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the questions asked.  
If you would like to participate, please register at https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/158182457 

Can't get enough scientific computing with Python?

This Scientific Computing with Python series focuses on the free and  
open-source Enthought Tool Suite and and should not be confused with  
our EPD webinar series. The latter is meant to provide customized  
support for our EPD Basic or above subscribers, and we initially  
intended for it to be closed to the public. Many non-subscribers have  
expressed interest in the series, however, so we have decided to allow  
non-subscribers to add their name to a waiting list for each EPD  
webinar. While EPD subscribers will be guaranteed entry and attendance  
will be capped at 35, we'll draw names from the waiting lists to  
available seats. These webinars are more intimate, with participatory  
demonstrations and VOIP question and answer available to attendees,  
and we think it's a great opportunity for us to support the broader  
SciPy community. For details, seehttp://www.enthought.com/training/webinars.php 

Thanks, and see you Friday!

The Enthought Team
Amenity Applewhite
Enthought, Inc.
Scientific Computing Solutions

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