[SciPy-user] optimization using fmin_bfgs with gradient information

Ernest Adrogué eadrogue@gmx....
Sat Jul 18 07:35:44 CDT 2009


I'm using optimize.fmin_bfgs to find the minimum of a function.
It works, but I'd like to speed it up by supplying the gradient
of the function to fmin_bfgs.

Without supplying the gradient I get these results:

Warning: Desired error not necessarily achieveddue to precision loss
         Current function value: 638.939214
         Iterations: 73
         Function evaluations: 4387
         Gradient evaluations: 102

The output of my gradient function evaluated at xopt:

[ -1.26071352e-06   2.22057130e-06   9.10389060e-06  -3.47809758e-06
   5.26179023e-06  -5.90267183e-06  -3.19019368e-06  -7.39985613e-06
  -2.84634204e-06   3.84543574e-07   1.33341847e-06  -1.59029471e-06
   5.13325055e-06  -3.53840419e-06   2.23408274e-06   1.05588332e-05
   1.04574907e-05  -2.46512209e-06  -2.54991167e-07   1.24356893e-06
  -9.28475141e-06  -2.76441219e-07  -2.81902992e-06   7.59715257e-08
  -4.61241275e-07  -1.57030283e-06   4.43909204e-06   6.66069772e-08
  -1.64478684e-06   4.03578664e-06   6.81269187e-07   9.74726616e-06
  -5.92372950e-06   7.85634341e-06  -1.48669281e-06   2.67525449e-07
   3.50545615e-07   1.44128199e-06   2.71466860e-06   4.23270815e-06

The output of check_grad at xopt: 0.000106523006716

So, apparently it looks like my gradient function is correct,
doesn't it?  However, when I pass the gradient to fmin_bfgs I get

Warning: Desired error not necessarily achieveddue to precision loss
         Current function value: 653.494345
         Iterations: 5
         Function evaluations: 45
         Gradient evaluations: 44

Notice that the minimum is higher now.

My gradient evaluated at xopt is far from zero this time:

[  5.99210031   7.78372931   2.17685535   8.62438169   6.78737246
   4.59089064   6.28766488   3.74376886   5.21582577   1.20448784
   0.26857912   5.17257475   5.32668068   8.14539521   3.21022361
   5.87014267   5.14406772   6.26400519   4.35807008   5.20230664
   1.32962472   6.05407954   2.85062903   5.29204265  10.4366293
   1.78770855  -2.22449411   5.20648252   4.05410094   6.64206808
   2.19202177   5.33385709   5.30404265   3.73158178   4.44347609
   4.38591199   3.12390498   7.01723668   3.93901794   6.31246349

And check_grad at xopt says: 34.3464575331

I can't figure out what's going on. From the output of
check_grad, it seems that my gradient function calculates the
gradient rightly at one point and wrongly at another point.
Is that correct?


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