[SciPy-user] CDF/PDF Stats with SciPy

Omer Khalid Omer.Khalid@cern...
Mon Jul 20 10:52:16 CDT 2009

Hi Everybody,

I am new to Python and new to SciPy libraries. I wanted to take some ques
from the experts here on the list before dive into SciPy world.

I was wondering if some one could provide a rough guide about how to run two
stats functions: Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) and Probability
Distribution Function (PDF).

My use case is the following: I have a sampleSpaceList [] which have 1000
floating point values. When a new floating point value is generated in my
program, I would like to run both CDF and PDF on the sampleList for it and
get the probabilty of value less or equal for CDF and probablity
distribution for PDF.

Many thanks in advance!

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