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massimiliano cannata massimiliano.cannata@gmail....
Mon Jul 27 06:09:56 CDT 2009

Hi folk,
I'm quite new of python, numpy and timeseries.
I have the following problem, and maybe you can help me:
- I have files with irregular time series data (at different seconds)
- I want 10m regular time series

Looking around I sow that I can get 10min freq by masking a minutely
timeseries, but how to get there?

should I manipulate arrays on my own (loop into dates array and values array
and extrapolate a new dates10min and vals10min) or there is a cheaper and
faster approach I should follow?

Up to now I figure out I could:
1. read the txt file
2. create a time series at "second" frequency
3. convert to "minute" freq with convert('MINUTE',func=ma.sum)

and then?..... I should somehow make a sum of all the values within every
minute and derive a minute freq timeseries with values only every 10min...

I hope you can understand what I mean.. :-)

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