[SciPy-User] optical ray tracing

Daniel J Farrell daniel.farrell@imperial.ac...
Mon Jul 27 11:40:50 CDT 2009

Dear Elliot,

I am doing some optical ray tracing and would be happy to share my  
code with you. I started yesterday believe it or not! What is your  
application? I'm working on photovoltaics.

So far I have written the ray tracing code for plane and axis aligned  
box intersection. Today I have added materials properties such as  
refractive index and absorption emission coefficients, but this bit is  
far from complete.

Does that sound like something you want to work with me on? It would  
be great if we have a similar common goal. If so I could dump  
something on Google code.



On 27 Jul 2009, at 17:34, Elliot Hallmark wrote:

> howdy,
> I'm looking to do some raytracing for a nonimaging design and there
> are no opensource packages that address the geometry needed.  Scipy
> seems like a good package to become familiar with anyway (I miss
> mathematica now that i'm no longer a university student), but i was
> wondering if anyone has already done some optical ray tracing work in
> scipy that i could build off of.
> Wouldn't be to hard to do from scratch, but my focus is on the design
> and the fewer excursions into building new tools the better.
> thanks,
> elliot
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