[SciPy-User] optical ray tracing

Elliot Hallmark permafacture@gmail....
Mon Jul 27 12:31:00 CDT 2009


I'm working on a non imaging concentrator for solar thermal.  This
involves parabolas translated off the optical axis and tilted with
their axii (?) crossing the optical axis.

Then, nonimaging optics uses the edge ray principal, So I would have
two rays divergent by some angle originating at the very edges of the
entry aperature.

Pretty simple, tilting the parabolas is the hardest part, followed by
determining when a ray hits a reflector.

I dont need refraction but its good to have it available.

I'm still looking into some other options but I'll let you know if i
go the scipy route.


there lots of ray tracing programs like that out there, for rendering
images rather than designing optics.  Not useful for me.  But thanks.


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