[SciPy-User] optical ray tracing

Yosef Meller yosefmel@post.tau.ac...
Tue Jul 28 01:42:04 CDT 2009

On Monday 27 July 2009 19:34:37 Elliot Hallmark wrote:
> I'm looking to do some raytracing for a nonimaging design and there
> are no opensource packages that address the geometry needed.  Scipy
> seems like a good package to become familiar with anyway (I miss
> mathematica now that i'm no longer a university student), but i was
> wondering if anyone has already done some optical ray tracing work in
> scipy that i could build off of.
> Wouldn't be to hard to do from scratch, but my focus is on the design
> and the fewer excursions into building new tools the better.

I have an intern writing a ray-tracer for optical ray tracing right now. In 
about a month we expect to have the basic framework in releasable shape, but 
if you're impatient you can have a look at her git tree:


Corrently some of the tests fail, but we have the following:
* Construction of assemblies of objects
* surfaces: flat and spherical (parabolic on the way)
* specular reflection and refraction

We are focusing on modular design and programmability, not speed. It should, 
then, be not too hard to add a new surface geometry.

Again, this is still not in releasable shape, but maybe it'll help.

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