[SciPy-user] integrate.odeint , stiff chemical equations and mass conservation -any hint?

ms devicerandom@gmail....
Wed Jun 3 09:34:59 CDT 2009

Joshua Stults ha scritto:
> I didn't mean for you to write your own integrator, just linked to the
> paper to provide a little inspiration on how folks have solved similar
> problems before.  Sorry for increasing rather than decreasing the
> confusion.

Don't worry, thanks for all the suggestions. It's only that I'm really
new to this stuff and I'm not that good in math -I am a biologist
"borrowed" to biophysics, so I run into obstacles here and there.

Anyway, chemsode looks cool, but it seems to describe its own
integration routine, that's why I wondered if using its algorithms means
to rewrite the integrator myself. I would use chemsode directly, but
unfortunately again I can find no download whatsoever of it.

A more general question arises, anyway: since there were many warning on
how keeping the mass constant could nonetheless skew the results in
other directions, how do I check the correctness of the solutions of my


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