[SciPy-user] quaternion and slerp interpolator, and all that

killian koepsell koepsell@gmail....
Wed Jun 3 16:39:56 CDT 2009


I have a related question. I have programmed a couple of
quaternion-valued functions and used arrays with a customized numpy
dtype for it. Something like

  dtype = [('r',np.double),('i',np.double),('j',np.double),('k',np.double)]

Now, I am wondering if there is an easy way (e.g. using cython) to
define a custom quaternion scalar type and make numpy aware of it. I
found some information in the numpy book about this topic but couldn't
find any example code.

If anyone has working example code, that would be great -- as I said,
ideally using cython, but c code would be fine too.


On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 6:09 AM, Johann Cohen-Tanugi
<Johann.COHEN-TANUGI@lpta.in2p3.fr> wrote:
> well, I found
> https://scicompforge.org/tracker/scicompforge/file/trunk/crystallography/usage/test/output/python/Quaternion.py?rev=2139
> and
> http://cgkit.sourceforge.net/doc2/quat.html
> I hope that helps others in the list..... it would be nice to have this
> in scipy though....
> best,
> Robert Kern wrote:
>> On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 01:13, Cohen-Tanugi Johann <cohen@lpta.in2p3.fr> wrote:
>>> is there an interest in them?
>> Sure!
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