[SciPy-user] Avoiding For Loops Question

Whitcomb, Mr. Tim tim.whitcomb@nrlmry.navy....
Fri Jun 5 13:15:23 CDT 2009

> All right guys, last one:
> for l in xrange(1,1000):
>     for m in xrange(0,l+1):
>         Alm[l][m] = alm[l][m]*cl[l]
>          Blm[l][m] =alm[l][m]*cl[l]
>    Here is one where the second index depends on value of the first.

In this case, you are still summing across columns (i.e. the first index
of all parts of the expression is constant).  The only variation is that
in row N, you only want the first N columns.  The output pattern that
you get from your for loop looks like:
x x
x x x
which, in a rectangular matrix, means that it's lower triangular, so you
can do something like:

A = numpy.tril(alm + cl[:,numpy.newaxis])


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