[SciPy-user] Jcamp format read

giorgio.luciano@inwi... giorgio.luciano@inwi...
Sat Jun 6 05:34:21 CDT 2009

Hello to all,
I've done a script for importing all spectra files in a directory and merge all them in one matrix. The file imported are dx files. the bad part is that the file is in matlab and it requite a function from bioinformatic toolbox (jcamp read). 
And now I just wnat to do the same in python. I guess I will have no problem for translating the script but I think I dont' have the time (and capabilities) to rewrite something like jcampread. Since jcamp dx format it's quite common among scientist. Does anyone can share some script/function for importing them in python (I guess that also a r routine can do the trick but I will prefer to use python).
Thanks in advance to all

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