[SciPy-user] Limits of linrgress - underflow encountered in stdtr

wierob wierob83@googlemail....
Tue Jun 9 13:21:04 CDT 2009


> but the p-value is
>> 6.009953e-314 and r-squared is different. While 6.009953e-314 is small
>> enough to say its 0 and the result is highly significant
> *highly significant* ???
As far as I understood a value below a certain confidence value (usually 
0.05 or 0.01) means the result is statistically proofed .
> What significance level do you want to use to accept the Null when you
> are using the result of R?
> Note: R initially only reported Pr(>|t|) < 2e-16 ***
> There are arguments for reporting any statistics only to a few
> decimals. I wonder why?
I tested again with Scipy 0.7.0 and the p-value was 6.00995334253e-314 
the same as R's.

So, for now I assume that linregress works as it should. Also, I don't 
understand why ignoring these errors is ok.

Thanks a lot


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