[SciPy-user] f2py and "-m32" flag on X86_64

Jose Gómez-Dans jgomezdans@gmail....
Fri Jun 12 07:43:46 CDT 2009

I've got some code I need to wrap using f2py. In my laptop (i686 linux), I 
need the following line for f2py:
f2py --noopt --noarch --debug -m <module> <file.f>

I want to run it in our cluster, which is X86_64 linux. Apart from the flags 
above, I also need my code to be compiled with the gcc option -m32 (make 
ints, longs and pointers 4 bytes). However, the -m32 is incompatible with the 
architecture python has been compiled with. 

Any hints?

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