[SciPy-user] [ Python(x,y) ] New release : 2.1.14

Pierre Raybaut contact@pythonxy....
Sun Jun 14 15:57:39 CDT 2009

Hi all,

Release 2.1.14 is now available on http://www.pythonxy.com:
   - All-in-One Installer ("Full Edition"),
   - Plugin Installer -- to be downloaded with xyweb,
   - Update

(This release was splitted in two parts: v2.1.13 and v2.1.14 -- only
because the update was 20MB above the Google Code file size limit)

Changes history
Version 2.1.14 (06-14-2009)

     * Added:
           o gnuplot 1.8 - Complete gnuplot package: include the popular
open-source plotting program gnuplot and the Python interface
           o psyco 1.6 - Specializing compiler which can massively speed
up the execution of any Python code
           o formlayout 1.0.1 - Module for creating form dialogs/widgets
to edit various type of parameters with having to write any GUI code
           o PyWavelets 0.1.6
           o scikits.timeseries 0.91.1
     * Updated:
           o Pydee 0.4.13
           o ITK 3.14
           o Photran 4.0.5

Version 2.1.13 (06-14-2009)

     * Updated:
           o Pydee 0.4.12
           o xy 1.0.25
           o NumPy 1.3.0
           o numexpr 1.3
           o Matplotlib (added PyQt4 widget and associated
QtDesigner plugin)
           o VTK 5.4.0
           o Enthought Tool Suite
           o VPython 5.1
           o PyOpenGL 3.0.0
           o SymPy 0.6.4
           o pydicom 0.9.3
           o GDAL 1.6.1
           o pyExcelerator
           o Pywin32 2.13.1 (plugin minor bugfix)
           o Cython 0.11.2
           o jinja 2.1.1 (plugin major bugfix)
           o nose 0.11.1
           o winpdb 1.4.6
           o Pydev 1.4.6
           o StartExplorer 0.5.0
           o SWIG 1.3.39
           o Following updates are relevant only for a new install of
Python(x,y) (there is absolutely no need to update your current install)
           o SciTE 1.78
           o PyQt4 (minor update: added documentation)
           o OpenCV
           o PyGTK
           o gettext
           o console2
     * Fixed:
           o Python(x,y) is now built using a special NSIS build with
advanced logging support *and* long strings support (fixed a -quite
rarely encoutered but existing- corrupting PATH issue)

Pierre Raybaut

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