[SciPy-user] build trouble

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Thu Jun 18 05:56:15 CDT 2009

Mark Mahabir wrote:
> I'm trying to build SciPy on a Scientific Linux system running 4.7
> with Python 2.5.1 (installed separately from the system default Python
> 2.3.4) unsuccessfully thus far.
> I've attached an install.log file. Every other package installed OK as
> far as I know, including ATLAS and NumPy.

For some reason, the Include path of python relatively to the python
*sources* are included (the /usr/local/Python-2.5.1/Include), and that
should never happen. Are you executing the installed python (in
/usr/local/bin it seems), or the built python in the python source tree
? If the later, that's where the error is coming from. Otherwise, we
would need more information I think (the exact steps to install python,

Doesn't scientific linux has rpms for python 2.4 at least ? I strongly
advise to use the system python if you want to avoid trouble,


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