[SciPy-user] error after using odeint (excess work done + lsoda)

Ala Al-Shaibani shaibani@ymail....
Sun Jun 28 13:40:29 CDT 2009

I used odeint to solve a coupled ode, and then printed the solution. The solution is correct, but I'm wondering as to why I'm receiving the error before printing the solution, and the lsoda error after printing the solution (although all I do is print the solution).

Would appreciate any help.

Excess work done on this call (perhaps wrong Dfun type).
Run with full_output = 1 to get quantitative information.
 [ 13.9  20.7  79.8  14.6  78.8]
 lsoda--  at current t (=r1), mxstep (=i1) steps   
       taken on this call before reaching tout     
      In above message,  I1 =       500
      In above message,  R1 =  0.3409980342206E+01

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