[SciPy-user] bounds with optimize.leastsq

Williamson, Ross Ross.Williamson@usap....
Mon Mar 2 14:23:21 CST 2009

Hi everyone

Is there a way to set bounds on variables when using optimize.leastsq.  I've found optimize.fmin_l_bfgs_b but that unfortunately does not work when approx_grad=True. I get an error:

/home/rw247/lib/python/scipy/optimize/optimize.pyc in approx_fprime(xk, f, epsilon, *args)
    615     for k in range(len(xk)):
    616         ei[k] = epsilon
--> 617         grad[k] = (f(*((xk+ei,)+args)) - f0)/epsilon
    618         ei[k] = 0.0
    619     return grad

ValueError: setting an array element with a sequence.

Is there another function I should  be looking at?



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