[SciPy-user] SVN and Trac servers are back up

Peter Wang pwang@enthought....
Tue Mar 3 13:05:50 CST 2009

Hi everyone,

We have moved the scipy and numpy Trac and SVN servers to a new  
machine.  We have also moved the scikits SVN repository, but not its  
Trac (scipy.org/scipy/scikits).  The SVN repositories for wavelets,  
mpi4py, and other projects that are hosted on scipy have not been  
moved yet, and will be temporarily unavailable until we get them moved  

Please poke around (gently!) and let us know if you experience any  
broken links, incorrect redirects, and the like.  A few things to note:

  - The URLs for the trac pages have been simplified to:
    You should be seemlessly redirected to these sites if you try to  
access any of the old URLs (which were of the form /scipy/scipy/ or / 

  - The mailman archives and listinfo pages should now redirect to  
mail.scipy.org/mailman/ and mail.scipy.org/pipermail/.  Again, this  
should be seemless, so if you experience any difficulties please let  
us know.

Peter, Stefan, and David

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