[SciPy-user] help on fortran compiler

Avi Purkayastha avi@sicortex....
Mon Mar 9 10:40:13 CDT 2009

Hi David,

> You have to add your own fortran compiler tool (look at numpy sources,
> in numpy¥distutils¥fcompiler for examples).

thanks for the hint.. but I am still running into yet unresolved  

I created a pathscale.py as the other compilers and edited  
__init__.py to include the compiler name. However when I run ..

%  python setup.py config_fc

I get the pathscale compiler recognized but then bypasses and  
continues and subsequently picks the gfortran, which I don't want..

The log with a bit more verbosity..

% python setup.py -v config_fc

Running os.system('( /opt/pathscale/ice9_native_3.2n_B_sicortex/bin/ 
pathf95 -v ; echo $? > /tmp/tmpoXv0XE/VCZd1T ) > /tmp/tmpoXv0XE/ 
yNOdmp 2>&1')
customize PGroupFCompiler

with gfortran..

Running os.system('( /.root0/usr/bin/gfortran --version ; echo $? > / 
tmp/tmpoXv0XE/xX3wVg ) > /tmp/tmpoXv0XE/tQhxpb 2>&1')
exec_command(['/.root0/usr/bin/gfortran', '-Wall', '-ffixed-form', '- 
fno-second-underscore', '-fPIC', '-O3', '-funroll-loops', '-print- 
Retaining cwd: /.root0/net/home/avi/builds/numpy-1.2.1

Seems like with pathscale it is finding the compiler but skipping the  
exec_command. Any suggestions as why that might be happening? Are  
there other files to edit except under numpy/distutils/fcompiler?

I am also attaching the pathscale.py file, in case..

Thanks for any suggestions.

	-- Avi

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