[SciPy-user] fitpack spline fitting of periodic data

Jakob Nielsen jtoudahl.nielsen@gmail....
Mon Mar 9 12:13:23 CDT 2009

hi, I've tried it on my pc, where it work fine without errors, I am using
0-5.1 on my linux where I get errors together with python2.4. I am using one
of the newest python enthought editions on my pc. I dont want change to
python2.5 on the linux, would you advice me to upgrade scipy on myu linux
system or could you point me to any bugfix for scipy 0-5.1?

best regards,


2009/3/9 Jakob Nielsen <jtoudahl.nielsen@gmail.com>

> Dear scipy users I am trying to use the per<>0 option in the fitpack
> routine splrep of /scipy/interpolate/fitpack.py
> The below test script gives an error: "ValueError:     Error on input
> data":
> ar=linspace(0,2*pi,30)
> vals=sin(ar)
> ar[-1]=2*pi
> knots=arange(30,360,30)*pi/180.0
> tck=splrep(ar,vals,t=knots,per=1)
> There is no errors using per=0, there is also errors using no t=None and
> per=1.
> Am I missing something? I though the first and last point of the x-values
> should encode the periodicity.
> hope you can help me,
> best regards, JTN
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