[SciPy-user] fitpack spline fitting of periodic data

Stéfan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Tue Mar 10 10:45:11 CDT 2009

Hi Jakob

2009/3/9 Jakob Nielsen <jtoudahl.nielsen@gmail.com>:
> hi, I've tried it on my pc, where it work fine without errors, I am using
> 0-5.1 on my linux where I get errors together with python2.4. I am using one
> of the newest python enthought editions on my pc. I dont want change to
> python2.5 on the linux, would you advice me to upgrade scipy on myu linux
> system or could you point me to any bugfix for scipy 0-5.1?

Your code snippet seems to run fine on the latest NumPy and SciPy.
You don't have to upgrade to 2.5, but you have to install a newer
numpy and scipy.  I think the latest EPD should provide a newer
version of SciPy?  You can also look at http://www.pythonxy.com.
Under Linux, it depends on the distribution you run, but there it
would be very easy to compile from source.


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