[SciPy-user] Article(s) on Test Driven Development for Science

Timmie timmichelsen@gmx-topmail...
Thu Mar 12 08:13:12 CDT 2009

from many blogs, in the book "Expert Python Programming" and in the code I read
about test driven development.
It's said to help preventing future breakage or failures of the code.

Is see on major diffuculty when adopting this for science scripts:

In Science we not only have to control the program flow but also to validate the
I think such a validation needs to be included in tests.

I may change something in my code and still pass tests from the software side
but the result data may be totally wrong.

Are there already concepts for such testing?

The tests I have seen so far play mostely with generated random data.

Are there presentations or articles about this?


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