[SciPy-user] Article(s) on Test Driven Development for Science

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen@gmx-topmail...
Thu Mar 12 16:17:51 CDT 2009

> I don't think validating the results needs much of a special
> discussion besides the regular testing tools, and it would be very
> field specific.
Thank you very much for your extensive answer!
Comming from a science and not a programmer background, I am still happy 
that my code actually produces output ;-)
Therefore, using tests is still not a habit for me.
But as the code base grows, I think I cannot affort not to have.
It's simply impossible to monitor all code manually.

I hope that the following speech will be made available as PDF:

Building tests for large, untested codebases by C. Titus Brown

Covering large codebases with automated tests is a challenging and 
frustrating task that can be made much easier by approaching the problem 
systematically and choosing good tools. I will discuss a number of 
approaches and freely available tools that can help people "tame" 
pre-existing codebases with automated tests, and show the evolution of 
tests for a complex codebase under these approaches and tools.

Kind regards,

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