[SciPy-user] remezord for scipy; ticket 475

Lev Givon lev@columbia....
Sun Mar 15 12:57:56 CDT 2009

Received from Günter Dannoritzer on Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 10:46:37AM EDT:


> I guess that is true. I did some search for those papers and had a hard
> time finding them. That is why I tried to figure out another way to test
> the functions.
> >From the three papers:
> O. Herrmann, L.R. Raviner, and D.S.K. Chan, Practical Design Rules for
> Optimum Finite Impulse Response Low-Pass Digital Filters, Bell Syst.
> Tech. Jour., 52(6):769-799, Jul./Aug. 1973.
> J.F. Kaiser, Nonrecursive Digital Filter Design Using I_0-sinh Window
> function, Proc. IEEE Int. Symp. Circuits and Systems, 20-23, April 1974.
> K. Ichige, M. Iwaki, and R. Ishii, Accurate Estimation of Minimum
> Filter Length for Optimum FIR Digital Filters, IEEE Transactions on
> Circuits and Systems, 47(10):1008-1017, October 2000.
> I only found the Ichige one. About the other two I did not even find
> information on the IEEE web page.
> I will study that one paper I found and try to understand the
> implemented algorithm.
> Lev, do you have some pointers on how to get to the other papers? Did
> you get them over a library?
> Guenter

I actually used the descriptions of the Herrmann and Kaiser algorithms
quoted in Ichige's paper because I didn't have immediate access to
those papers. I just placed a request for my university's offsite
copies of the relevant journals; barring complications, I can send you
copies of the articles when I receive them in a few days.


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