[SciPy-user] Has IPython been useful to you? Please let me know...

H.S. ghsohn@gmail....
Mon Mar 16 03:15:49 CDT 2009

I know Fernando wants to keep this off the list, but given the nature
of his request, I just wanted to say "publicly" thanks for the great
work, I love IPython, and encourage everyone, particularly those with
"name-brand" positions in industry or academia, who use IPython to
answer the request. This immigration bureaucracy stuff is awful, and I
hope the community helps. H.S.

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 5:42 AM, Fernando Perez <fperez.net@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> [ apologies for the semi-spam, I'll keep this brief and expect all
> replies off-list ]
> IPython is a project that many of you on this list are likely to use
> in your daily work, either directly or indirectly (if you've embedded
> it or used it as a component of some other system).  I would simply
> like to ask you, if IPython has been significantly useful for a
> project you use, lead, develop, etc., to let me know.
> For legal/professional reasons, I need to gather information about who
> has found IPython to be of value.  I started IPython as a toy
> 'afternoon hack' in late 2001, and today it continues to grow, as the
> nicely summarized Ohloh stats show:  https://www.ohloh.net/p/ipython
> (obviously, this is now the result of the work of many, not just
> myself, as is true of any healthy open source project as it grows).
> But I have never systematically tracked its impact, and now I need to
> do so.
> So, if you have used IPython and it has made a significant
> contribution to your project, work, research, company, whatever, I'd
> be very grateful if you let me know.  A short paragraph on what this
> benefit has been is all I ask.  Once I gather any information I get, I
> would contact directly some of the responders to ask for your
> authorization before quoting you.
> I should stress that any information you give me will only go in a
> documentation packet in support of my legal/residency process here in
> the USA (think of it as an oversized, obnoxiously detailed CV that
> goes beyond just publications and regular academic information).
> To keep traffic off this list, please send your replies directly to
> me, either at this address or my regular work one:
> Fernando.Perez@berkeley.edu
> In advance, many thanks to anyone willing to reply.  I've never asked
> for anything in return for working on IPython and the ecosystem of
> scientific Python tools, but this is actually very important, so any
> information you can provide me will be very useful.
> Best regards,
> Fernando Perez.
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