[SciPy-user] Eigenvalues of the Floquet matrix

Rob Clewley rob.clewley@gmail....
Wed Mar 18 10:48:09 CDT 2009


> possible that it's not a 2.5 vs. 2.6 issue after all. Could it be
> something about your 64 bit platform? Are the standard libraries all
> slightly different somehow? The segfault is coming from
> lib64/libpython2.5.so. What version of gcc are you running? Based on
> past experience I recommend 3.1 but 3.3 may also work. I will try to
> do some research about getting DLLs working via SWIG on 64 bit
> platforms to see if there are known problems.

I think there *is* a problem trying to link the 32 bit code with 64
bit libraries. Check out 31.2.7 of


I think we need to add the compiler option to link to the 32 bit
libraries. On line 937 of Generator/Radau_ODEsystem.py you should have

         extra_compile_args=['-w', '-D__RADAU__']

According to the instructions on the SWIG page, you can add '-m32' at
the beginning of this list and see if Radau now runs. If it does, find
the equivalent line in Dopri_ODEsystem.py (just text search for
extra_compile_args) and add it there too.

Let me know what happens!

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