[SciPy-user] Eigenvalues of the Floquet matrix

Rob Clewley rob.clewley@gmail....
Wed Mar 18 12:12:59 CDT 2009

>> Looks like the RHS function isn't working. Could you run
>>this script
>> in pdb or a debugger, or at least put in some print
>>statements here to
>> show me what t, xdict and pdict are when Rhs is called.
>>And then,
>> inside Points, what coorddict and c are? This might be
>>another Python
>> 2.6 issue because there is some funky magic used to
>>create some class
>> methods dynamically.
> Rob,
> Sorry but I am newbie to pydb. How do I run the script in
> pydb ?
> Nils

Sorry, I don't use pydb, I use the debugger in Wing IDE. You'll have
to work out how to do that yourself. But you can insert some print
statements in front of the problem line to show what the state is.
And, are you sure you get this error in Python 2.5 too? The error you
showed me is from a run in Python 2.6.


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