[SciPy-user] coo_matrix, lapack, cvxopt

Eric Friedman ejf27@cornell....
Tue Mar 24 08:07:16 CDT 2009

Nathan Bell <wnbell <at> gmail.com> writes:

> > 2) I need to solve large sparse rectangular matrix equation 
which doesn't have
> > full rank, but is solvable.  spsolve (dsolve) doesn't work. 
Can I do my own LUP
> > decomposition using scipy.sparse?
> I believe the UMFPACK scikit supports that functionality.

Thanks again!

fyi, and in case anyone else has a problem like this, I just tried
sparse.linalg.cg which seems to work 
(most of the time...but I'm trying to
figure that out...) and is very fast and doesn't 
care about singular matrices!


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