[SciPy-user] scipy.signal.firwin

Jan Rauberg jan.rauberg@gmx...
Thu Mar 26 03:05:21 CDT 2009

Tom K. <tpk <at> kraussfamily.org> writes:

> And now, with my typos fixed:
> N=11
> h=signal.firwin(N, .3)
> n=np.arange(-(N/2), (N/2)+1)
> g=(n==0)-h  # (n==0) has a single "1" where n[k]==0, and zeros else
> g1=(-1)**n*h  # (-1)**n is [-1, +1, -1, ...] with a "+1" at n[k]==0

Thank you Tom,

your solution seems to work. But if scipy want to be a Matlab-replacement I
think it should have such basic functions like 'fir1' with the full range of
that functionality. So I have to switch to octave or R. But they have not such a
nice and fast plotting tool like matplotlib. So I hope someone will do this work.

Thank you

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