[SciPy-user] scipy.signal.firwin...replacement for Matlab

Nicolas ROUX nicolas.roux@st....
Thu Mar 26 03:48:05 CDT 2009


"if scipy want to be a Matlab-replacement"

I think it should be good to have a detailed list of function equivalence
We are always not sure if such Matlab functions exist in Scipy, and some of
my team switch back to Matlab by lack of information ;-(
It seems that some missing function in Scipy, could be replaced by few line
of code.
It should be good to add in this equivalence list such workaround.

Does this detailed list exists already ?


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Tom K. <tpk <at> kraussfamily.org> writes:

> And now, with my typos fixed:
> N=11
> h=signal.firwin(N, .3)
> n=np.arange(-(N/2), (N/2)+1)
> g=(n==0)-h  # (n==0) has a single "1" where n[k]==0, and zeros else
> g1=(-1)**n*h  # (-1)**n is [-1, +1, -1, ...] with a "+1" at n[k]==0

Thank you Tom,

your solution seems to work. But if scipy want to be a Matlab-replacement I
think it should have such basic functions like 'fir1' with the full range of
that functionality. So I have to switch to octave or R. But they have not
such a
nice and fast plotting tool like matplotlib. So I hope someone will do this

Thank you

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