[SciPy-user] Automatic Differentiation with PYADOLC and Removing Boost::Python dependency

Sebastian Walter sebastian.walter@gmail....
Thu Mar 26 04:50:24 CDT 2009


I have implemented a wrapper for  the C++ Automatic Differentiation
(AD) tool ADOL-C.
You can use it to differentiate complex algorithms to arbitrary order.
It works quite well with numpy.

You can have a look at it at http://github.com/b45ch1/pyadolc .

compute the Jacobian J of
f(x) = numpy.dot(A,x), where A is an (N,M) array

--------------- get_started.py ----------------------
import numpy
from adolc import *

N = M = 10
A = numpy.zeros((M,N))
A[:] = [[ 1./N +(n==m) for n in range(N)] for m in range(M)]

def f(x):
	return numpy.dot(A,x)

# tape a function evaluation
ax = numpy.array([adouble(0) for n in range(N)])
ay = f(ax)

x = numpy.array([n+1 for n in range(N)])

# compute jacobian of f at x
J = jacobian(1,x)

# compute gradient of f at x
if M==1:
	g = gradient(1,x)

--------------- end get_started.py ----------------------


It is really fast compared to existing  AD tools for Python as for
example Scientific.Functions.Derivatives.
Benchmark available at

compute hessian of:
def f(x):
	return 0.5*dot(x,dot(A,x))

Runtime comparison:
adolc: elapsed time = 0.000411 sec
Scientific: elapsed time = 0.041264 sec
ratio time  adolc/Scientific Python:  0.009961

I.e.  pyadolc  is a factor 100 faster.

Removing Boost::Python dependency ?

I have used Boost::Python to wrap it, but I am not happy with that
additional dependency!
So I wondered if someone could give me advice how to avoid users
having to download and install boost::python to use pyadolc.
(include boost::python sources ? port to C API?)

best regards,
Sebastian Walter

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