[SciPy-user] SciPy / NumPy on MacOS 10.5 / Python 2.6 - 64bit

Höfling Martin martin.hoefling@gmx...
Fri Mar 27 15:17:44 CDT 2009

Hey Folks,

I tried to compile 1.3.0b1 with a python 2.6, compiled as 64bit  
version (installed to $HOME/local). Is this in general working on  
MacOS Leopard? I know that Michael made some attempts...

For some reason - the compilation always complains about an unset  
MATHLIB variable although I set it to "m"

here're the FLAGS I used for compilation

CFLAGS= -I/Users/martin/local/include -m64
CPPFLAGS= -I/Users/martin/local/include -m64
FFLAGS= -I/Users/martin/local/include -m64
CXXFLAGS= -I/Users/martin/local/include -m64
FCFLAGS= -I/Users/martin/local/include -m64
LDFLAGS= -L/Users/martin/local/lib -m64 -arch x86_64


Find attached the logfile from compilation process.
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